Friday, February 11, 2011

Mid-Day Bangalore Feburary 10, 2011

Get salacious or go all trippy with our pick of love games for couples to spice up your romance with a desi twist

'Four days to go' reads a young girl's Facebook status message. 'Four days for what?' pat comes a reply from her lover. 'Duh! Don't you know, it's Valentine's Day?' When cupid is all set to strike with his arrow, here's how you can add a dash of zing, as you trail our wicked ideas and bring home some mischief in true Indian ishtyle.

Taash Mere Taash
This deck of playing cards is a desi design by the whimsical Faridabad-based duo, Brijesh Dahiya and Kuldeep Singh of Cheapsex from their studio Gulabo Chhap Design Works. Dahiya says, "It's a twist to the Chinese invention of mundane playing cards with kitsch gone kinky in the design. We revived a metal box, an actual paan peti to make the cards sit perfectly, which makes for a collectors' piece or even a fun love gift to rekindle romance, with colour graphics inspired from a B-grade Hindi movie."

Dahiya adds, "Playing cards have had a million designs internationally, so we gave each card a character. There's Chadti Jawaani and cheeky humour to add funk to your playtime. The Queen is slutty, the Joker is gay and for all you know he might be making out with the King, and the Queen might be out with the Jack as he has a thing for her, the King is a Casanova and a pervert."

With bawdy messages like, 'Sahib Aur Biwi Ka Ghulam', this deck of playing cards that come in a large, international size, can spice up your love life and go best when teamed with a pint of beer or a cocktail. It's like a love story gone haywire with lust overpowering the characters. Dahiya adds, "It's our version of love and lust coming together in a box. We have looked at these naughty characters as ones that speak, instead of just objects in a game."

Where: Chilli Billi, 3302/I, 12th A Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar
Call: 9241799105
and Levitate, 100 Feet Boutique Restaurant, 777-I, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar.
Call: 9448145071
For: Rs 499

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