Sunday, February 13, 2011


Entrepreneurs behind Cheapsex
A software engineer and fashion school graduate design boxers that talk about chadhti jawani, and playing card sets where the king has a thing for the joker, not the queen

IT was in March 2010 that Goddess Aphrodite blessed two young whimsical men — Brijesh Dahiya and Kuldeep Singh. Cheapsex was thus born from their Faridabad studio, Gulabo Chhap Design Works.

Brazen and bold, the National Institute of Fashion Technology graduate and software engineer stick to a wry sense of humour and an element of shock in their designs. While Cheapsex boxer shorts are their hot- sellers, gradually the two have added wallets, playing cards, cushions and custom made shoes to their design range.

“The ideation behind our products is not a deep dug design philosophy. It’s a pun intended view. We want to flirt with every possible idea, but won’t fall in love with any,” says Dahiya.

The boxers were a result of the need to rid the undergarment of its mundane character, adding some zing that could play peek- a- boo from low waist trousers. A** Cock, Butt Bite, Chadhti Jawaani and CheapSex Clinic form part of the head- turning range.

“ Independent artists tend to be non- conformist in thought. We pick the projection of a personal point of view over possible commercial gain. Brazenness brings with it beauty.” Their customer, says Dahiya, is no one but an alter ego of the artist whose product he picks. “ When we design something, it’s a process of personal creative contentment, and the customer agrees with this eccentricity when he decides to pick your product. The idea is to magnify the customer’s individuality through the product. Our customer doesn’t want to fit in. He’d rather stand out.” Their newest offering, the Kaash Mere Taash playing cards sold in a metal paan peti box, is inspired by a love story gone wrong in B- grade Bollywood movie style. “ It’s about the secret affairs between the jack and the queen, and the king’s gay fantasies about the joker. The queen is slutty and the jack has a thing for her, the joker is gay and the King is a Casanova. We are making a dig at all the emotional and relationship possibilities that lie inside a box full of cards.” The pack makes for a collector’s piece or a fun love gift, with colour graphics inspired from B- grade Hindi movies. “They are characters who speak instead of being just objects in a game.” CALL: 09891039373 EMAIL: support@ cheapsex. co. in

AVAILABLE AT: > Attic, Bir Sagar, 396/ 20, Flat # 1, Santacruz (W).

> Azaad Bazaar, 16th/ 33rd Road, Bandra (W).

> Bliss, Flat 180, Aram Nagar 1, 7 Bungalows, Versova, Andheri ( W).

> Tappu ki Dukaan, 27A, Kermani Building, PM Road, Fort.

> Loose Ends, Bandra (W).

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