Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday Guardian (25 July 2010) article

The standard men’s underwear, popularly known as boxers, was stuck in a design rut in India before NIFT alumnus and designer Brijesh Dahiya and software engineer Kuldeep Singh rescued it from the drab section of men’s wardrobes. Their label, CheapSex Boxers, lends a dash of colour, kitsch and pun to this most conventional of inner wear garments.

“There is a serious void in below-the-belt men’s fashion. Who would not like a piece of kinky fun in their wardrobe? This is a product that could be a potential canvas for quirky creativity,” says Dahiya, who designs these boxers at his studio in Faridabad, Gulabo Chhap Design Works.
Launched in January, their label reflects clever marketing strategy and attitude. “We have young people everywhere wearing low waist trousers and denims. Their unspoken agenda is to offer the world a peek. But who wants to give a second glance to a dud reading label on the waist? We want to shock people as much as attract them,” he adds. The duo has bizarre names for each of their creations — Bikini Bandits, Spread Love, Centre Fresh, Kama Chameleon — and each boxer is treated like a person. “It adds a great deal of attitude to the whole package. We’ve gone wackier in the forthcoming season,” says Singh.
Priced between Rs 360 and Rs 450, these boxers are available online and at stores across the city. The duo claims that women form a majority of their clientele. “Our target buyer is a person who’s independent, individualistic and broad minded. Comfort is one of our strong points. It is a fact that men are more conservative shoppers than women. So we have women picking these for themselves or their boyfriends,” Singh adds. With a “kink antenna” on their heads, the duo tries to spot humour and fun in mundane ideas, pictures or statements and puts them on their product. Their website is

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