Friday, July 23, 2010

About Cheapsex Boxers

Seen BOXERS..?..if been there done that is what you're welcome to our abode where its difficult to keep your mind outta your pants!! Finally there's someone addressing the national cause of where-is-the-fun-in-my-shorts defficiency. Now, whats on your mind can be on your boxers as well...and the ladies yeah...before you dissmiss us as a bunch of chauvinists..we here at CHEAPSEX are totally unisex.Men can finally look forward to taking their pants pants off and the women have all the reasons to never put on a pair at all! Wear one with a white shirt and a black tie or scoot off to goa with a bunch of them...who cares!'ll find us in goa too incase forgot doing the latter, and you know we're the ultimate answer for all you guys who find it difficult to keep their jeans from slipping can finally stop worrying about pulling it up again dude!. Depending upon your ability to pull off the extent of your perversity in public, we give you a wide enuff range of boxers to choose from. Now you can easily walk through the detectors with a bomb under your pants and no one would know untill you think they should!!.. Basically...the juice of the gab is this...that where and how and who wears it is totally your problem...we're only concerned about the deal that you make sure you show it off!!.

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